So, this is it! In a little over 24 hours I will be walking out of Radio City Music Hall as a college grad with a somewhat useless but well-earned BFA in Illustration. People keep asking me how I'm feeling about all of this. What it's like now that I'm completely and forever done with school. All I can really give is an incoherent "Woaaaaaaaaaaahhhh" while I stare slacked jawed out in to the abyss of my approaching "this is it for-reals" adulthood.

Cuz it's hard to express exactly what I'm feeling! Pretty much all I've been doing for the last 20 or so years is going to school. Spending most of my days in classes. Spending a lot of my free time doing homework for said classes. Spending the other half of that free time procrastinating on said homework. Everything in my life up until a few days ago has revolved around institutionalized education. And you tend to forget what the whole point of it was until it suddenly ends. And then what was once a pain in the butt and the cause of years and years of griping and whining for it to end already, becomes hard to leave. Because it's all you've known up until now. And everything else is new and scary and you can't help but want to cling desperately to your past and never let go because it's there. And it's safe.

But I've never been the type to cling incessantly. And having to pack and move all of my stuff three miles from my dorm to my new apartment has certainly worn down any urge to stay. 

So, yeah. 26 hours and I will be freeeeeeeeeeeeee!